Workshop 1

At: HAU 3, Rehearsal Stage 0
April 11th – 14th, 11 am –1 pm

Developing a Language of Dance Based on the “Danças Populares”

with: Ângelo Madureira and Ana Catarina Vieira

The workshop is directed at students, scholars, dancers and all people dealing with dance on a professional level.

In 2000, Ângelo Madureira and Ana Catarina Vieira began a research project to support the dialogue between their different dance backgrounds: his as heir to the Balé Popular do Recife, and hers as a classical ballet dancer. Over the course of their decade-long collaboration, they have created their own language of research and methodology. Their work is the result of this extensive research process, in which classical ballet, contemporary dance and “cultura popular” have been transformed into a new language.

The goal of the workshop is to allow participants to directly experience Ângelo and Ana Catarina’s studies by taking a closer look at the rehearsal processes for the pieces “Delírio”, “Somtir”, “Outras Formas, Como?” and “Clandestino” and gain a theoretical and practical understanding of the dances they have developed.

Moreover, the workshop will offer a space for mutual exchange about dance practices, theoretical studies and discussion.


Workshop 2

At: HAU 3, Rehearsal stage 0
April 17th, 2–5 pm


with: Carlos Laerte

This workshop is directed at dance, theater and music professionals, who would like to deepen their knowledge of contemporary dance technique and improve their movement awareness.

On the basis of a deconstruction of classical ballet technique, Carlos Laerte has developed a contemporary language of movement by working with the accumulated material contained in each student’s body, their experiences and technical abilities. These are simple movements that can be used in any situation in everyday life and are in a language dominated by carioca (originally from Rio). This language is one of the central characteristics of Carlos Laerte’s work. By starting with a dialogue between the languages of Brazilian and German dance, Laerte transforms these dances into his own movement techniques, developed out of a composition of dance sequences and practical exercises, which are created in every artist’s body.

Laerte will accompany the workshop on percussion himself. This is an integral part of the artist’s work on movement and breathing, especially during the exercises. Strength training, exercises for balance and stretching, as well as exercises for awareness and memory work support the training and enrich the techniques already existent in the body.