HAU 2: April 8th, 9 pm / April 9th, 8 pm

Cia. Ângelo Madureira
e Ana Catarina Vieira, Recife / São Paulo

»Baseado em Fatos Reais« (Based on Facts)

European premiere
Artist Talk: April 9th, after the performance

“Baseado em Fatos Reais” asks how we deal with the present, since it’s impossible to turn back time. The memory of a particular event, presented as a narrative or image, is nothing more than a composition of fragments of what actually happened; it’s what the body can represent in the current moment. In order to tell our “real” story, we always have to rely on facts that already or don’t exist.

The research process that began with “Somtir” (2003), “Outras Formas” (2004; 2007 at move berlim), “Como?” (2005; 2007 at move berlim) and “Clandestino” (2006) marks the start of a new approach: a trilogy. The first piece was “O Nome Científico da Formiga” (2008), the second “O Animal Mais Forte do Mundo” (2009). Now the trilogy is complete with the new choreography by Ângelo Madureira and Ana Catarina Vieira: “Baseado em Fatos Reais” (2010).

This trilogy’s method for coming to terms with the past is through compilation. 1.800 photos of the two main dancers as well as original material from the four past productions were salvaged and rearranged in the process. As a result, the developing concepts opened up even more. In “Baseado em Fatos Reais”, the group also grew larger. Based on the biography and experiences of each dancer in the ensemble, the materials were mixed together and then combined in new ways.

Most of what can be seen in “Baseado em Fatos Reais” takes place directly in the performance itself. Over the course of the evening, the choreographic material is created, as well as transformed live. This makes it possible to perceive the different stories inherent in each individual body in its relationship to the language of choreographers Ângelo Madureira and Ana Catarina Vieira. To accept one’s actual being, stop representing something and begin to embody one’s own life and reality: the work challenges the audience to rethink what it means to live in a world based increasingly on images that influence our desires and condition our behavior.

During the conceptual phase and rehearsals, each individual artist was encouraged to attempt to capture intensities, volume, rhythms of breathing, time and space of the same score using photographs; this produced an individual process of development.

Because of the nature of this research, the question soon arose of what the best form of representation could be. Are there other formats besides a performance in which artists show something and the audience watches? What are the formal conditions for taking part in a research process that attempts to bring art and life together? “Baseado em Fatos Reais” is created from this perspective; a point of view, which may already permit some insight into a different diversification of the material at hand.

Concept, Choreography, Direction: Ângelo Madureira, Ana Catarina Vieira / Lighting, Technical Director and Administration: Juliana Augusta Vieira / Costumes: Ana Catarina Vieira / Tanz: Patricia Aockio, Luiz Anastácio, Ana Catarina Vieira, Beto Madureira, Ângelo Madureira / Production: Iara Maria Vieira

Ângelo Madureira began his dance training at the age of 3 in his artistic family and with artists of the “Arte Popular”. He was a soloist with the Balé Popular do Recife for 7 years and toured through Brazil, the USA, France, Holland, Belgium, Canada, as well as many other countries. He assumed the position of director and choreographer of the Balé Popular do Recife in 1995. In 1997, he received an engagement from the Cia. Teatro XPTO in São Paulo, where he both choreographed and danced in the pieces ”Buster“, ”O Enigma do Minotauro“, ”Coquetel Clown“ and ”Além do Abismo“. In 1998, Madureira received the “Rede Stagium” research grant with which he produced his first solo piece ”Delírio“.

Ana Catarina Vieirabegan her dance career at the age of 8. She studied the Waganowa-Method with Sacha Svetloff, who was responsible for her artistic education. In addition, she dedicated time to endurance-training and gymnastics. For a while she was also taught both by Andrei Koudelin and Boris Storojkov. Ângelo Madureira instructed her in Brazilian folk-dance and Armando Vallado in the dance of the Orixás. Since 1998, Vieira has danced with the group Cia. Cisne Negro, where she performed as a soloist in important Brazilian cities as well as in Argentina, Germany, the USA, and Chile. She has moreover worked with choreographers such as e.g. Patrick Delcroix, Mark Baldwin, Itzik Galili and Marc de Graef.

In 2000, Ângelo Madureira and Ana Catarina Vieira began developing a joint research project based on a dialogue between classical dance and ”danças populares“. In the years they have worked together, they have been awarded several prizes.