ALEXA Shopping Center, ground floor, entrance Dircksen- / Voltairestraße:
April 14th, 4 pm

Gira Dança, Natal

»A Cura – Intervenção Urbana«
(The Cure - Intervention in the Urban Space)

The piece “A Cura” was created in a collaborative artistic process involving all performers and the choreographer. The work was developed over a period of four months and included research, dialogues and new insights. In the course of this process, the company decided to present “A Cura” not only in a customary theatrical setting, but instead to also perform it in an urban environment as a kind of intervention into everyday life. Thus a further form of presentation, as well as contact with the audience was created. In “A Cura - Intervenção Urbana” the dancers use movements and elements of the composition that was developed for the stage version of the piece. The pedestrians passing by thus also become co-creators of the piece.

The movements and the images presented are defined live in the moment of intervention. In the space of this moment, the streets themselves, the people and objects from daily life become integral parts of the question: What is a cure? How does one find it?

In this presentation, the company Gira Dança expands to include the public as a part of the ensemble of the intervention.

Artistic Director: Anderson Leão / Assistant Director: Jaquelene Linhares / Choreographic Concept: Ensemble / Costumes: Anderson Leão, Rubens Barbosa / Production Assistant: Roberto Morais / Photos: Rodrigo Sena / Dancers: Jania Santos, Alisson Oliveira, Danm Silva, David Costa, Diogo Ricardo, Joselma Soares, Marconi Araújo , Rozeane Oliveira, Wellington Silva