HAU 1, April 12th, 13 th, 7:30 pm

Gira Dança, Natal

»A Cura« (The Cure)

European premiere
Artist Talk: April 13th, after the performance

We live in a society that is progressively renouncing personal relationships; a society in which affectionate and tender gestures are being replaced by fear. We live in a grueling era of epidemics and inequality, violence and prejudice. How can we find a cure for this situation?

The performance “A Cura” reflects the world today as dominated by the interests of consumer society. A world in which the culture of uniformity passes judgment on others. “A Cura” reflects an age characterized by competition and change. But in what direction is the transformation of mankind and society heading?

Man creates and annihilates himself by building the same weapons he uses to destroy himself. Everything that happens in society is thus a reflex reaction of the attitude of every member of this society.

The endless search for a cure for humanity’s problems is intensifying. In reality however the solution is much closer than one thinks.

Artistic Director: Anderson Leão / Assistant Director: Jaquelene Linhares / Choreographic Concept: Ensemble / Soundtrack: Rosa de Pedra / Lighting: Janielson Silva / Costumes: Anderson Leão, Rubens Barbosa / Stage Design: Anderson Leão / Production Assistant: Roberto Morais / Photos: Rodrigo Sena / Dancers: Jania Santos, Alisson Oliveira, Danm Silva, David Costa, Diogo Ricardo, Joselma Soares, Marconi Araújo , Rozeane Oliveira, Wellington Silva