HAU 3: April 9th & 10th, 6 pm
(Double Bill with Paula Carneiro Dias)

Charlene Sadd, Maceió

“Rótulo – As Impressões do Corpo”
(Label – The Impressions of the Body)

European premiere / Artist Talk: April 10th, after the performance

According to Zygmunt Bauman, our space of social coexistence has repeatedly been defined as a marketplace and has thus let us become a community of consumers. Here we are prepared to make ourselves known, but not to define ourselves in relationships. The better our outward appearance, the more fame gained, whereby we take on the role of products.

The performance “Rótulo – As Impressões do Corpo” is created with the goal of questioning the body as an external phenomenon. How can it be that we govern our appearances in the face of an abusive and deconstructed relationship with the established contemporary ideals of beauty? The socio-cultural body clearly has great power over the individual. How are we to accept our own appearance, if all or much of what surrounds us, screams that we should deform ourselves? What image do we have of ourselves – in front of the mirror, in front of others, in our dreams and desires? How can we transform the body as a marketable product into a “subjectile” body (Renato Ferracini), body-as-art? The subject-object body has its place in time and space. It is a conscious body. Based on the experience of anorexia (the performer’s personal history as a teenager), the piece investigates the aesthetic demands besieging the body - most of all, women’s bodies.

Concept, Performance: Charlene Sadd / Lighting Design: Careca – AL / Lighting, Sound: Mary Vaz / Music: Glauber Xavier / Photos: Renata Marques / Production: Mary Vaz, Renata Marques
Charlene Sadd studied performing arts at the State University Alagoas (2009) and then specialized in art and education at the CESMAC. As a member of the Association “Associação Artística Saudáveis Subversivos“ (http://www.saudaveissubversivos.org/), she researches in the field of performing arts and has developed the piece ”Desnuda“, which received a prize at the Festival Alagoas em Cena 2010. She participated in the project Cia. LTDA (http://companhialimitda.blogspot.com/) from 2006 to June 2010. AS part of this project, she performed in “Recursos Humanos”, which won the Klauss Viana 2006/2007 Prize, the Alagoas em Cena 2006 and the BNB Cultura 2008 award.

As a researcher for Nace - UFAL (Núcleo Transdisciplinar de Pesquisa em Artes Cênicas e Espetaculares der Universität Alagoas), she received a scholarship to take on the position of directing and preparing performers for the scientific initiative ”Projeto Encenação e Processos Colaborativos“. She is currently continuing this research through her solo “Rótulo – As Impressões do Corpo“ (performercharlenesadd.blogspot.com), a piece that was also part of the project “Registro Geral Recuperação Material do Ato de Existir“ and which received the Klauss Vianna/Funarte award in 2009.