HAU 1, April 15th and 17th, 7:30 pm

Laso Cia. De Dança, Rio de Janeiro

»O que nos move«
(What Moves Us)

European premiere
Artist Talk: April 17th, after the performance

To what extent do extreme experiences such as wishes and dreams manifest themselves on the surface of things? What does our skin say about our wishes? What do we hide when we put on our clothes? And what do we show? How does the experience of affection change our relationship to the things that surround us? These and other questions are the focus of “O que nos move”. The stage design is an important element: a steel structure that moves back and forth like a body, and whose skin is made up of large bulks of clothes sewn together. Wishes are not treated like something abstract, but rather manifest themselves in the form of gestures and actions that over time tell a story – (tell a story of?) when skin or clothes are written on or recorded as photos or videos.

Concept, Director, Choregraphy: Carlos Laerte / Performance: Bianca Andreoli, Carolina Saraiva, Kelly Anacleto, Maria da Lapa, Thatila Paganotti, Tiago Oliveira / Stage: Gisele Leal, Laso Cia. de Dança / Stage Technician: Henrique de Sousa / Costumes: Alessa, Laso Cia. de Dança / Lighting Design: Irma Vidal / Soundtrack: Carlos Laerte, DJ Marcão / Production Manager: Leila Meireles
Carlos Laerte - The choreographer, dancer, dance teacher and actor Carlos Laerte began his dance training in 1990 in classical ballet, modern dance, jazz and contemporary dance. He was a guest dancer at Broadway Dance Center and the Harley Dance School (NY). In Brazil, he worked as a dancer under Deborah Colker, Renato Vieira, Vacilou, Dançou and Grupo Tápias. Carlos also studied acting and worked with directors such as Sérgio Brito und Wolf Maia, with whom he worked in the musical ”Kiss of the Spider Woman“.

As a choreographer, Carlos has participated X. Panorama Rio Arte de Dança (2001), Residências DeAnima I and II (2002/2003), Atelier de Coreógrafos Brasileiros ano III – Salvador (2004). Under the director Richard Craguns, Carlos choreographed for the residencies DeAnima I und II. Through the accumulated experiences in his career, Carlos Laerte realized the necessity of developing his own technique at the crossroads of the languages of contemporary dance, ballet, theatre and capoeira. This became the basis for his own contemporary dance company Laso Cia. de Dança. He has now directed 6 pieces in the company´s repertoire. In Paris in 2007, he taught contemporary dance at Centre National de la Danse. Carlos has also studied film and has written and directed the short documentary ”Olho e depois vejo“, which premiered at the exhibition ”Tempo Glauber“ in Rio de Janeiro in the ”Noite Contemporânea“.